We are a lean company focused on simplicity and governance. We invest in innovation and look for simple ways to bring benefits to our customers and the market.

We were founded in Recife in 2003, Brazil and incorporated in Calgary, Canada in 2017 to explore the North American market.

We have been working with customers whose revenues range from thousand to billions of dollars and sizes ranging from less than 10 to over 1000 employees.

We spent more than 15 years implementing Project Management Offices (PMOs), project governance and project consulting and tooling for the public, private and third sector organizations, providing value and benefits to its stakeholders.

We have developed the SGP + AR as an evolution of SGP + BIM aiming at raising companies to the next level of productivity, promoting cost reductions, providing new ways to generate more billings with differentiated services and greater customer satisfaction through an innovative and unique experience.

Our focus remains the same from day one: to provide maximum control and management for your work, right in the palm of your hand. Solving problems before they happen, preventing undetected unwanted cost overruns and work delays.


We want to help companies to leverage and automate their internal governance and asset management processes from design through construction to operation and maintenance in a simple and lean way, with the help of innovative concepts, software/hardware tools, that allow to clearly indicate where and when to act to maximize earnings and reduce losses.

We want to be recognized as a lean, simple-to-handle company that delivers cost- effective solutions that contribute to the better management of their businesses, offering a comprehensive view of all phases from planning to delivery and operation to customer satisfaction and end user.


We believe that happiness, optimism, commitment, clarity, responsibility, ethics, transparency, modernity, agility, human valorization and innovation simply constitute our DNA.

We are committed to always doing our utmost to focus on our clients' organizational results and ours.

Strategic thinking aligned with creativity is the guiding standard of our endeavors. We believe in the experience that brings knowledge and maturity to the decision making, in the courage to take risks managed for modeling the future with prosperity and innovative products and services.

We value the knowledge and intellectual enrichment of our employees as the central root fed by the DNA of our company.